Every practice circle at Annapolis Mindfulness begins with 5 minutes of intentional stillness. It is conducted in complete silence, yet it is reported to be very moving experience for practitioners. Although we know 5 minutes is nothing but a speck of time on the grand scheme of things, these intentionally quiet moments (however short or transitory) are filled with powerful insights and peacefulness.

We each walk into the practice with different kinds of days and weeks we’ve had; we’ve individually experienced different feelings and events throughout the week. As we begin sitting in circle, we hear a soft bell that indicates the beginning of the 5 minutes of complete silence and stillness. We gently put an effort to settle into the moment to be present with our breaths. We keep our back straight but relaxed, we keep our breathing normal but fully aware. After all, silence can be a powerful sound (or a lack thereof) that embraces a vast atmosphere of peacefulness and tranquility. Inevitably, various thoughts would jump in and try to grab our attention; we note them as they are, not judging them, not getting carried away by them. Along with this accepting attitude, the wheel of thoughts slow down and we become more aware and open to whatever arises next. When 5 minutes is up, we would hear another soft bell that reminds us to slowly open our eyes and get our attention back to the room and to the group.

Now we’re ready to begin.

Join us at 6:15 PM on Sunday at The Commons on the corner of Southgate Avenue and West Street in Annapolis. Happy Friday!

2 comments on “Silent Stillness And What Follows

  • Nuala

    Is the mindfulness practice done every Sunday eve at 6:15pm? Thank you.

    • zawmawsjc

      Yes, that is correct. And it is free and open to all. It’s on a break this coming Sunday but will resume on July 28th. Thank you.

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