Learning takes place in an unique and universal manner at Annapolis Mindfulness. Insight or an intuitive knowledge that arises during the practice and/or discussion is yours and yours completely because it comes from within. It is entirely different from listening to a teacher lecturing or memorizing lines from a great spiritual book. This experience one encounters at A-Mi is incomparable, yet at the same time familiar.

Popular phrases such as, “living in the present moment”, the idea of “letting go”, or “nothing is permanent” — one gets to experience them all firsthand with their meanings to the fullest. At Annapolis Mindfulness, we believe genuine learning occurs when the right question is asked. There’s no one who is right or who is wrong; there aren’t the owners of ideas — all ideas flow naturally as truths, as the practitioners dedicate their effort to the Vipassana training.

“Seeing things as they are” is our consistent goal as we go through moment-to-moment experience during our practice — no judgement but only observing the thoughts, no thinker but only observing the process of thinking — the illusion of self can be realized with patience. Every moment, things are always changing and things are always unsatisfactory. It is in these three characteristics of existence where the truth lies.

Early registration is available for July 4-week Vipassana introductory. Do yourself a favor and sign up; Annapolis Mindfulness is unique and universal.

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