Despite our various backgrounds, we share one dedication, one simplicity, and one willingness in common. Our desire for peacefulness and happiness lies in our dedication to the practice. We may have good days or bad days but we always maintain our intention to set aside time (whether it is as short as 5 minutes or as long as 45 minutes) for stillness and quietness.

It is in settling into the present moment with silence where an insight or an intuitive knowledge into a situation or a feeling occurs. How can I have a more accepting viewpoint of what is going on with my life right now? How can I cultivate a more understanding relationship with the emotion I’m going through right now without suppressing it or helplessly forcing it to go away?

Our practice is as simple as gently observing our breaths. Being aware of the beginning of the in-breath, of the middle, and of the end, we note to ourselves that we are breathing in, along with the continuity of each breath from the inhalation to exhalation. If there were to be a brief pause in between, we note the pause as we stay present with it. It is in this simplicity of breaths where we discover; it is not much of what we are doing or thinking as do-ers or thinkers but more of the occurrences, happenings, mental or cognitive activities that we are curiously perceiving as an observer — it is in this change of attitude we find peace and tranquility.

This simplicity continues into our willingness to apply or shift the insight of our breaths to whatever shows up in our mind, in our life, or in the realm of emotions. Things in their own nature arise slowly or quickly, stay briefly or long, and disappear in their own time, in their own way, despite our tiresome efforts to make them stay or make them go away. Through consistent practice, we become more accepting and more appreciative of the transient nature of the world we live in.

May you all have time for both independent and collective practices throughout your day or your week!

Thank you all for reading this. Our Sunday weekly practice is this evening at 6:15. We hope to see you there for some tea, some meditation practices, some readings and some discussions.

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