A new 4-week Vipassana introductory course begins this coming Saturday and happiness is in the air; we would like to welcome you with our joyful hearts!

Our course is simple — no robes, no special cushions, no yoga mats, no prayer beads, etc. It’s just normal you, regular you (simply as you are) — sitting, breathing, noting, observing; it can be a truly powerful experience despite its simplicity. Genuine insight-knowledge is what we strive for. Silence, breaths, and a cup of tea — that simply is who we are.

Class meets 4 consecutive Saturdays. Each class is an hour long. Much of its learning takes place in quietness as we all sit in silence. It begins with 5 minutes of complete stillness in which we set our intention to find stability in the present moment. You will hear a soft bell to begin and another to end. No guided sound track included.

We begin with introductions where we share our thoughts with the group of who we are, what our backgrounds are with meditation (or a lack thereof), and what we would like to get out of this group. Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming; every single one of us is a great value to the group and we very much learn from each other.

Our first week is breath-based. We observe our inhalation and exhalation with genuine curiosity as we all sit in silence. Our readings and discussions explore into what the meaning of Vipassana is and what its purpose is. And this leads us into the remaining 3 weeks of three different subjects. More blog posts on those will be uploaded here in the near future. So keep an eye out!

Meanwhile, you can do yourself a favor and sign up for the introductory course that begins in less than a week; there is only a couple of seats left. You can register online now at: http://www.annapolismindfulness.com/

Thank you and we hope you all have a wonderful day!

2 comments on “Happiness-bound

  • Chuck Wistar

    Dates, times?

    • zawmawsjc

      June 8th to June 29tb — Saturdays at 2pm at The Commons Annapolis. There are more upcoming courses too. More details can be found at annapolismindfulness.com. Thank you for you interest!

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