Dialogues are one of the most important sources of learning at Annapolis Mindfulness. Practitioners arrive to the practice 30 minutes early to check in with each other, have some tea, converse, etc. It is in openly sharing what your challenges are or what your insights are with your recent practices that invite the right questions and thoughtful comments. Effective learning takes place when different ideas are entertained and the right question is asked.

Readings are another important aspect of what we practice. In terms of acquainting ourselves with vocabularies and phrases that can capture the essence of what we experience through the progress we make, nothing is more powerful than focusing on a reading as a group and paying attention to the same thought discussed. “Mindfulness Defined” “Provisions of Our Journey” “Fundamentals of a Meditation Training”: these are some of the titles of the readings we do.

Last but not the least is the actual meditation practice that we do as a group during our meeting. It is the most powerful experience of all when everyone sits in complete silence in a circle; when thoughts are not judged but simply noted, when breaths are not controlled but gently observed — moments of peacefulness occur.

We would like to invite you to join us on Sundays at 6:15 at The Commons. We meet weekly and this practice is free and open to all.

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  • Luke

    Looking forward to getting back to a Sunday meditation at A-Mi.

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