We’re truly grateful for the beautiful space we have. Special thanks to Steve who got us connected to Jeremy. They both played a huge role in supporting Annapolis Mindfulness to be where we are today. So thank you!

Above are the pictures from January of 2018. It was the very first day of our Vipassana 4-week Introductory Course led by Zaw. It was such a memorable day for A-Mi, filled with great memorable moments. There were 8 practitioners who joined the course — amazing people with various backgrounds. They all enjoyed and successfully finished the course.

The way classes and practices run at A-Mi are quite simple. Chairs are set up just like in the pictures above and we all sit in a circle. We begin with 5 minutes of complete silence and stillness where we set our intentions and settle into the present moment. Then we do the introductions, so on and so forth. Readings are always included, followed by actual practices/exercises and discussions.

Meditation practices at A-Mi are not guided at all although there are specific instructions on what to work on prior to the silent meditations. Duration of each practice varies from–as short as 5 minutes to as long as 30 minutes. Practitioners have the options of either sitting on the chair or the floor with a cushion.

Thank you for journeying with us through this blog series. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

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