Silent Stillness And What Follows

Every practice circle at Annapolis Mindfulness begins with 5 minutes of intentional stillness. It is conducted in complete silence, yet it is reported to be very moving experience for practitioners. Although we know 5 minutes is nothing but a speck of time on the grand scheme of things, these intentionally quiet moments (however short or [...]

Things As They Are

Learning takes place in an unique and universal manner at Annapolis Mindfulness. Insight or an intuitive knowledge that arises during the practice and/or discussion is yours and yours completely because it comes from within. It is entirely different from listening to a teacher lecturing or memorizing lines from a great spiritual book. This experience one [...]

Transient World We Live

Despite our various backgrounds, we share one dedication, one simplicity, and one willingness in common. Our desire for peacefulness and happiness lies in our dedication to the practice. We may have good days or bad days but we always maintain our intention to set aside time (whether it is as short as 5 minutes or [...]

Importance of Sila

It is important to point out that you don't necessarily have to be a Buddhist to practice Vipassana meditation; you can practice it no matter what you religious background is, or none at all. It is true (and we should acknowledge the fact) that Vipassana practice is based off of Buddha's teachings. However, if Buddha [...]


A new 4-week Vipassana introductory course begins this coming Saturday and happiness is in the air; we would like to welcome you with our joyful hearts! Our course is simple -- no robes, no special cushions, no yoga mats, no prayer beads, etc. It's just normal you, regular you (simply as you are) -- sitting, [...]

Practice Circle

Dialogues are one of the most important sources of learning at Annapolis Mindfulness. Practitioners arrive to the practice 30 minutes early to check in with each other, have some tea, converse, etc. It is in openly sharing what your challenges are or what your insights are with your recent practices that invite the right questions [...]