We’ve had a thought about starting a blog series for Annapolis Mindfulness since A-Mi was officially founded in January 2018. Looking back, it’s almost history now. 2018 was a great year for A-Mi and 2019 has been another great year too. We’re excited this blog page (with the caption of “coming soon” on it for the past year with no writing whatsoever) has come into existence. In addition, we’ll try to post updates as regularly as possible so that people who are interested in A-Mi can stay well-informed.

First and foremost, welcome–and thank you for visiting the A-Mi website. Some basic information about us can be found here but not as richly resourceful as we intend it to be. We’re hoping it will change soon and more solid ideas will get developed over time. Meanwhile, one of the newest features we have is that you can now register online for the 4-week introductory course. Also, we updated the designs of the website which now looks significantly different from the one before. We hope you enjoy it.

As of today, we have two days of the week our meditation center is open–Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays are the classes and Sundays are the practices. Feel free to come by on any of those days to learn more about A-Mi in person. We’ll have some brochures and handouts made available for you. It will also be a great pleasure for us to have you meet some of our Vipassana practitioners who have been or are currently practicing at our center.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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